2009 Dodge Challenger

  • 2009 Dodge Challenger

    Dodge Challenger
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    • – refrigerant level low and compressor not activating – serviced system to get it working and checked for leak – examined complete system & found AC condensor leaking – S/C intercooler radiator which sits in front of it had shifted back into it and rubbed a hole – replace condensor & correct intercooler interference
    • – remove front end of car; valence, bumper, etc – remove s/c intercooler – remove & replace condensor – modify intercooler mounting to provide more clearance from condensor > modify radiator core support to allow s/c charged air ducting to align properly > modify bumper bar mounting to provide more space for I/C to move forward; incl fabricating spacer plates for bumper mount – replace s/c/accsy drive belt while system disassembled – assemble & test fit several times
    • Replace both front headlights
    • Change oil & filter
    • Check car over and document any maintenance or safety issues – recommend changing accessory/SC drive belt (aged) – hood struts weak; hood fell down while working; recommend replace – tires worn; rear tires down to limit marks; front tires still have tread but abnormal wear on edges; recommend alignment; also 11 years old; recommend replace all
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